The Software Solution For The Thermal Cutting




The CAM module of CutExpert  includes all the necessary features for a fast programming of a thermal cutting machine, with all the possible options: drilling units, inclined cutter, plasma/laser/oxy, marking, punching.
The programming speed is the maximum possible, in particular the interpretation of the drawing is made automatic by a powerful system of configuration.
The technology: lead in/lead out, kerf, cutting variables of post-processor can be configured for every material and thickness in order to making little or null operator intervention.
The cutting order is made configurable in order to automating the respect of processing constraints depending on the machine configuration (for example perform pre-holes or the marking before of the thermal cutting)

The Main Features:

  • Extensive library of three-dimensional dynamic figures with intelligent sheet developments compatible with machining requirements in the air treatment field.
  • Integrated work order management with reports for estimates time.
  • Automatic and manual nesting with scrap recovery, optimization, automatic or manual management.
  • Cutting technology management configurable with default value.
  • Automatic or manual cutting paths optimization.
  • Management common cut, bridges, loop, minimized triggers, pre-hole.
  • Management automatic marking.
  • Report and print management based on OpenOffice technology.
  • Ability to interface with Eurosoft numerical controls in order to update the variables used in the estimates.
  • Post processor available for various types of machines
  • Possibility of making post-processor directly with python script.
  • Technological materials database defined by the post-processor (there are only the data necessary for the type of machine).