Duct Plasma Machine Retrofit

New Life For Your Plant


Intended Audience
Who owns a thermal cutting equipment needs to be replaced. This kind of sheet metal machinery have a limited life-cycle, often less than ten years. This unusual feature is caused by the type of cut technology, by the environmental conditions and by various other factors. The reasons for which the system is replaced are mainly caused by certain prior defects or by some acquired defects. For example:

  • The level of cut quality was never the one you wanted
  • The machine cycle time is too long (in particular at the beginning of cutting)
  • The machine slows down too
  • The life-cycle of consumables is too low
  • The use of the machine is complex
  • Sometimes the machine crashes
  • Sometimes the numerical control crashes
  • The machine isn't accurate as it once did
  • The machine maintenance cost has become too high
  • Poor performance
  • Low speed
  • CAD/CAM system is complex

Complete Retrofit
This type of intervention is recommended when the level of the plant aging is such as to suggest a replacement almost total system. In particular we will replace:

  • The electrical panel and the spinning machine
  • The engines with brushless engines of last generation and digital drives on fieldbus Ethercat®
  • The system control part with ECP-1000 numerical control
  • The interfacing with the Plasma generator.

Partial Retrofit
It is performed when the reason of the retrofit is due to usability of the machine or to the working to suboptimal cycles. In this kind of retrofit will be enough replace only the numerical control.

Any Options

  • Z axis replacement with new mechanic
  • Mechanical overhaul (cleaning, lubrication, belt/pinions replacement)
  • Mechanical overhaul with reducers replacement