Duct Line Retrofit

The Cheap Solution For Ducts Producers



Intended Audience
Who owns a production plant ducting that, not working properly because of some problem in the electronic part or because of some mechanical malfunctions, needs to be replaced.
Such operation becomes even more essential for owners of machines of  manufacturers that no longer operating, such as CR Electronic, Carbonini, Lovent and many more.
For owners involved in this situation, the only solution would be to buy new and expensive machines.

What's It About
It deals with substitution of machine electronics components with a new numerical control able to restore the correct working and able to provide new functionality. In particularly we are going to replace the electrical panel, the spinning machine, and the engines with new latest generation brushless engines with digital drivers on fieldbus Ethercat. Furthermore we are going to replace the numerical control. If the reason of retrofit is only due to usability and to performance improvement, it will be enough to replace the numerical control and the connection with the generator.

With a retrofit will have advantages both from an economic side, because it is possible to return your machine as new saving more of 70% of the new machinery cost, both from the functional side, because, through the new application, the operator can perform more operations in a simple and automated.

Features Of The New Plant
The new numerical control has a software application specifically made for ducts production. Thanks to the new software the operator can perform in a very simple all the operations that previously held and also will benefit of new features.

Main Features Of The New Numerical Control

  • Calculation of the time required to finish the current job
  • Suspension of the execution of the job order ending the duct in progress. The system always knows actually made ducts. This function is extremely important when sheet metal coil ends.
  • Particularly simple input of job order on the numerical control
  • Possibility of programming of job order through the software CutExpert
  • Control the pieces that have been made in a certain time interval
  • Technical assistance with the machine manufacturer