ETC – 01

4 Axis Ethercat® Control Board




One single board is enough to connect up to 4 motor drives by analogic signals (DC voltage speed reference, plus encoder feedback pulses). It can be driven by an ECP-1000 system or any other Ethercat® master.
Even if the digital field buses are used for new machines more and more, a large number of machines are still based on traditional solutions for the motor drivers, with analogic speed reference and feedback by pulses from encoders. Especially when retrofitting a machine, it is often required to re-use the existing motor drivers.
ETC-01 leverages these situations and also allows the building of mixed, hybrid solutions in which both traditional and new technologies coexist.
Such a hybrid solution can provide for an initial mix of traditional and newer motor drives, allowing for a later change of the mix.
It is very important to note that similar choices are driven by cost considerations and will always be made in order to continue to use drivers that are still working perfectly. Supposing that the hybrid solution is used to retrofit an existing machine, then at a later time, when one of those traditional drivers has to be replaced because of the normal wearing down, very probably the choice about a new driver will lead to a native Ethercat® driver.
If the number of motors is greater than 4, more than one ETC-01 board can be used (axis 4/8/12/16).

Tecnical Data

  • Fieldbus Ethercat®
  • CanOpen device profile DS301
  • Sinchronization Distributed clock
  • Sampling rate 1 Khz
  • Channels number 4
  • DACs 16 bit
  • Encoders 32 bit A,A/,B,B/,Z,Z/
  • Home inputs 24V DC/dry contact
  • Drive enable outputs 24V DC/dry contact
  • Power supply 24V DC
  • Drive OK inputs 24V DC