The Control Solution For Cutting Machines



Specific Functionality: more than 20 years of experience in this field condensed in one product
Graphical Interface: built with the most advanced software frameworks
Robustness Of The System: the well known robustness of a Linux system, enhanced by realtime extensions
An Expandable Hardware : ECP 1000 communicates through an Ethercat® channel, which is gaining momentum everyday with the makers of motor drivers and I/O terminals
An Expandable Software : ECP-1000 is ready to use, just as it is, for many applications but it is not a closed system and every part of it, no matter if at the level of the graphical interface or at the level of the control, can easily be modified or other functions can be implemented for the maximum satisfaction of the machine maker.

Main Features

  • Management of zero, sheet metal and plane rotation
  • Very easy management for restarting a cut that was interrupted, with user-friendly movement back and forth on the track path, with optional automatic insertion of a new lead-in at the point of restart
  • Snap to track and restart - it suffices to move the torch near the point of restart, the current position will be projected on the nearest point of a track
  • Complete freedom of moving the machine after putting the cutting program in pause, for any maintenance that could be necessary
  • Immediate adjustment of every main cutting parameter: feed rate, arc voltage, piercing time and so on, with no delay change of the cutting process
  • Shapes library with many useful common 2D parts
  • Internal database for cutting processes and raw material sizes
  • Real-time recording of actual and programmed position of the motors during the execution, with easy display on the system panel
  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) based Desktop Sharing for remote assistance
  • Integrate nesting function for immediate reuse of drawings available in Dfx/Dwg(Autocad®) standard formats