About Us


Eurosoft is a company that offers vertical solutions for machine manufacturers.
Our expertise ranges from the electronics to the automation and to the CAD/CAM systems of our production.
Common philosophy of all control applications produced by Eurosoft are:

  • Simple use
  • Realization of specific features

Since 20 years Eurosoft is collaborating with companies that are producing machinery. That has allowed the company to acquire innovative skills and technologies. The offer of Eurosoft in the automation field articulates in vertical solutions composed of CAD/CAM systems and evolved numerical control systems PC based operating on linux realtime environment.
The systems are especially involved in producing:

  • Engineering industry for thermal cutting
  • Shoes machinery: heel, sole and insole factories

Why ask our services


Cutexpert is the main software produced, developed and distributed by Eurosoft; the system is an entire CAD/CAM for thermal cutting (plasma, oxy, laser), unbeatable for power and ease of use.


ECP - 1000: the complete solution for cutting machines. Designed to ease of use, it provides all the functionality required for the management of evolved cutting systems, hinding the complexity to the operator.


Validation of retrofit allows us to obtain the same desired results, only devoting a marginal part of our budget to the adjustment of our equipment and investing the rest of our resources giving shape to new ideas for future investments.


ThinkHeels is a powerful plugin developed for ThinkDesign Suite of think3; the system rappresents a standard de facto in the industry of modelling and prototyping of heels and soles footwear.